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Dec 6, 2013 1:30am PST
, which becomes legal on january 1st. >> stephen: is it going to be taxed? >> heavily, yes. so if you buy medical marijuana, it is about a five percent tax and new retail marijuana will be a 25 percent tax, which includes -- >> stephen: 25? a 25 percent tax on a doobaj? >> that's about right, is it not worth it, stephen? >> stephen: it is more tax than toke liberalism in my opinion, why don't you just make it 85 percent and give me your car when you are high. they will never know the difference. take it! >> a certain percentage is definitely going toward the building of schools, i believe it is the first 40 million raised from recreational sales. >> stephen: what were your responsibilities as the pot editor for the denver post be? >> i am hiring a pot critic from colorado, if you know anybody. >> stephen: yeah, yeah, i know a few people but i need them in my editing room. >> you certainly want a reviewer, you want a critic of pot. >> yes. >> stephen: anybody you like? >> i got one via twitter. >> stephen:. >> stephen: dude, i am baked out of my skull. >> you would not be surprised. >>
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Dec 10, 2013 9:30am PST
: exactly. (laughter) jesus would not be down with taking my taxes to pay for food stamps. jesus didn't take the loafs and fishes from the rich. he conjured them out of thin air. he was like christ angel mindfried. besides some of the helpless deserve even less help. >> some of the people without don't have enough to eat, it's their fault they don't have enough to eat. >> if you are an alcoholic or a heroin addict or drug addict and you can't hold a job, all right, and you can can can't support your children, what's my financial responsible to their children. >> stephen: that's right is it my fault that these kid's parents are drug addicts? maybe if the kids kept their room clean like mom asked she wouldn't have to smoke crack. kind of your fault, susie, a little bit, a little bit your fault, okay. sorry. so what's a christian like me supposed to do. forgive them? no. play it smart. >> i give a lot of money and you probably know this, to children's charities, okay. >> stephen: yes, bill, you don't have to tell us that. we've all seen the billboards. but bill gives right. >> okay. childr
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Dec 5, 2013 9:30am PST
government tax machine so as much as i love this country, i cannot wait to get the hell out of here and on to a kick ass boat. >> drifting away from the rest of the world, we now have the freedom chip, the one mile long 25 story tall megaship that is more like a floating city than a boat. it would carry up to 50,000 full-time residents. unclear how taxes would work for people there but they said it will not be registered in the united states. so uncle sam would not be able to get to people on that boat. >> stephen: that's right, the freedom ship with all the slick design of an unfinished parking garage. and everything the stateless billionaire tycoon needs to feel at home. banks, casinos, and a 1.7 million square foot international shopping mall. imagine, an enormous mall you never have to leave because you can't. it's up to you, another orange julius or a watery grave. and as for accommodations, freedom ship offers the ultimate in high net worth real estate. for as little as 9.1 million you can reserve a water view ultimate apex room boasting such luxury amenities as carpets, light
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11 (some duplicates have been removed)